Paihia Beach, Bay of Islandscrw-paihia

One of New Zealand’s most picturesque spots, Paihia offers stunning views of clear turquoise water and long stretches of golden sand. Take in the views over the bay in the plane before experiencing the adreneline pumping thrills of freefall, then a gentle ride down under canopy before landing on the beach. Pick up your personalised video and photographs, take a stroll along the beach, have a dip in the sea or hop on a ferry to picturesque Russell to end your day. What better way to see and experience the Bay of Islands.


Ocean’s Beach, Whangarei Headsoceans

This remote cove offers a very personal and private feel to your skydive. Taking off at Onerahi Aiport, your flight takes you over some of Northland’s best coastal line, jump out over the water and feel the wind rush past your face before spiralling down under canopy to land next to crashing waves and rugged sand dunes. A scenic drive along the coast back to the Dropzone to pick up your video and photographs, then have a wander around Whangarei town centre for some window shopping, take a short drive to New Zealand’s most photographed waterfalls, or wind down in front of the big screen at Whangarei’s local cinema. A grand day out.


ruakaka1Ruakaka Beach, Whangarei

Forget 90 Mile Beach, Ruakaka Beach offers white sandy coastal line that seems to go on forever. Often with glass like water, the best time to jump this beach is sunset when the sky is pink and the reflections endless.  Views from the plane are varied and spectacular, with the jagged hills of Whangarei Heads to the north, the turquoise waters of the ocean below and the rambling fields of Whangarei District to the south. Have friends and family watch you jump out over the water and then land right in front of them with your cameraman filming the whole event. Enjoy a glass of wine or cold beer at one of Whangarei’s busy bars and reflect on the day’s activities.